Tontun lahjapaketti 3 Lahjapaketit Kaurilan Sauna

The Elf's Gift Box 3

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The sauna elf is Santa's little helper and has made cute gift packages that are lovely for a friend or as a corporate gift.

The Elf Gift Box 3 is a luxurious gift box for a spouse, a dear friend or a girls' Christmas due. This pink-toned package is designed to suit feminine taste so now you no longer have to wonder what you would give for your beloved wife, let alone mother and mother-in-law. The elf makes buying gifts easier.

Contents, packed in a cardboard gift box with pink decorations:

- Kaurilan Sauna Rosemary Foot Bath

Handmade, vegan natural cosmetics. The pack contains four foot bath tablets, each of which provides a refreshing, fragrant foot bath.

- Kaurilan Sauna Lace Candle, small

The handmade lace candle burns with a steady and large flame and forms a delicate and beautiful lace border. The candle is made of olive-based ecologic stearin. The candle's height is 10 cm and diameter 6 cm. Burning time: about 20 hours

- Kaurilan Sauna Sea Salt Soap

A beautiful, heart-shaped soap that is suitable not only for washing hands and body but also for cleansing the face. Sea salt soap is made of high quality vegetable oils and sea salt. Handmade, vegan natural cosmetics. Size 120g.

- Kaurilan Sauna Rose Salt

Rose salt minerals nourish the skin and it is wonderfully suited for full body, hand and foot baths. Pack size 500g.

- Kaurilan Sauna Rose Salt Scrub

The lovely, heart-shaped Rose Salt Scrub bar contains finely ground rose salt, kaolin clay, cocoa and mango butter. Pampering exfoliation is suitable for sensitive skin and face. Handmade, vegan natural cosmetics. Size 110g.

- Kaurilan Sauna Organic Shea Butter

Luxurious and vitamin-rich Organic Shea butter is an ideal moisturizer for all ages. Its rich composition cherishes and nourishes dry, sensitive and irritated skin. It comes in a 50ml container, which is easy to take with you!

- Kaurilan Sauna Vegan Rhododendron Deodorant Cream 

An easy-to-use and pleasant deodorant cream that helps keep the body fresh. Scent of genuine rhododendron essential oil. Handmade, vegan natural cosmetics. 50ml.