FI-Natura Sertificate

FI-Natura is in 2014 founded Finnish natural cosmetics certificate and non-profit company. FI-Natura certificate is verification for the buyer that the product is authentic natural cosmetics. With the certificate the buyer will be able to recognise true natural cosmetics and can differentiate it from green washed cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics are cosmetics that are made ingredients found in nature. Almost all synthetic ingredients are forbidden and ecological or straight from the nature picked ingredients are favoured. The packages are recyclable and animal testing is completely forbidden.

Natural cosmetics doesn't currently have law based regulations, which is why there is a lot of green washing in the field. Green washing is unfortunate and unethical phenomenon, where products with synthetic and unecological ingredients are advertised so that buyers think they're green. To prevent green washing, the field has multiple natural cosmetics certificates, which common goal is to create clear and congruent standards for natural cosmetics. The certificate is a good way for buyers to differentiate real natural cosmetics from green washing. FI-Natura certificate isn't only mark of natural cosmetics but also verification of product made in Finland