Press release 24 November 2020

Press release 24 November 2020

The owner of the sauna building changes and Kaurilan Sauna ceases to operate as a public sauna in Old Meilahti.

“I announce with regret that the public sauna operations of Kaurilan Sauna, which started in 2009, have ended in the current premises. I had to give up the ownership of the sauna building and this means that the sauna operations will have a break.

I would like to thank all the wonderful customers of Kaurilan Sauna for the past years and the moments we experienced together. Keeping a public sauna is a matter of my heart and the activity will continue as soon as we find new and better facilities for the sauna operations.
” says Saara Heikkinen, the founder of Kaurilan Sauna.

Kaurilan Sauna has been very popular among both locals and tourists, and the sauna has even been featured on the New York Times website. In Tripadvisor, the rating of the sauna is a full five stars, which indicates that the service provided by Kaurilan Sauna is highly valued.

I want to offer our customers a traditional Finnish sauna, in which everyone is welcome. I have contacted the City of Helsinki several times to find a suitable place, and I believe that the city understands the significance of the public sauna of Kaurilan Sauna in everyday life of Helsinki citizens and among tourists.

By signing the petition you can support the project.

I think the citizens of Helsinki deserve a place where you can come to relax and stop in the middle of everyday life. I love my sauna guests and the Finnish sauna and I do my best to keep the activities going as soon as possible ”. -Saara continues.

Kaurilan sauna Oy is a company founded in 2009 that has run a public sauna in Old Meilahti, Helsinki, since 2009. In addition to the public sauna, the company manufactures handmade natural cosmetics and candles and sells everything related to sauna in a store in Munkkiniemi.

The break in sauna operations will not affect the company's other operations.