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Kaurilan Sauna offers ecological and easy fundraising opportunities.

School classes, sports clubs and other non-profit associations have the opportunity to raise funds through Kaurilan Sauna's online store.

The fundraiser receives their own discount code in the online store, with which the customer receives a 5% discount on all of Kaurilan Sauna's own products. The fund is credited with 20% of the tax-free value of purchases made with a discount code.

All you need to do is spread the word about the discount code.

Fundraising can no longer go easier.

Below are the most common questions:

How do sales work?

The contact person of the fundraiser will contact Kaurilan Sauna by e-mail to varainhankinta@kaurilansauna.fi. We need information about the fundraising object and the account number to which the funds raised will be credited.

After this, we will announce the funder's own discount code, eg TESTSCHOOL3C.

The fundraiser spreads information that using this discount code you get a 5% discount on Kaurilan Sauna's products and at the same time the fundraiser 20% of sales.

The discount code is valid for the agreed time and at the end of it the collected funds are credited to the fundraiser.

How much does the fundraiser get?

The fundraiser receives 20% of the tax-free value of products purchased under the discount code.

What products can the customer order?

The fundraising discount and settlement applies to Kaurilan Sauna's own production, but the customer can of course make purchases from the entire selection of the online store.

Kaurilan Sauna's own production includes: handmade salt soaps, shampoo bars, conditioner bars, ecological deodorants, lovely lace and beeswax candles, salt scrubs, foot baths and linen towels. All products are handmade in Finland.

How does the customer pay and receive the products?

The customer normally pays for the products in Kaurilan Sauna's online store in online banking or by credit card.

The products can be ordered as a postal package (postage € 5.90/Finland) ​​or delivered directly to your home (postage € 15.40/Finland). If you wish, you can also pick up the products without postage from Kaurilan Sauna Shop at Munkkiniemen puistotie 2, 00330 Helsinki. The Shop is open (Monday-Friday) 11am to 6pm and (Saturday) 10am to 4pm.

Orders over € 50 can be ordered as a postal package free of charge (in Finland).

What is the delivery time of the ordered products?

Orders are usually delivered within a few days.

When will the fundraiser receive the funds raised?

Funds raised will be credited within 2 weeks of the end of the campaign.

Can the same fundraiser run another campaign?

At the end of the campaign, the fundraiser can indicate that they want to run another campaign, in which case the same discount code can be reactivated.

For more information contact varainhankinta@kaurilansauna.fi