Bentoniittisavi 200 g Skincare Kaurilan Sauna

Bentonite Clay 200g

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Bentonite clay can be made into a cleansing face or hair mask or used as a dry shampoo.

According to the sauna elves, Bentonite Clay, which is rich in minerals, wonderfully treats the skin of the face and the scalp. Positive elves know that clay is negatively charged and therefore effectively attracts heavy metals and oils as well as cleans hair from styling residue.

Bentonite Clay

Tip: Moderation is a trump card when mixing bentonite clay with liquid for a mask. Pure water, yogurt or apple cider vinegar can be used as the liquid. If desired, you can add a drop of honey or olive oil to bring moisture.

Handmade in Helsinki, Finland

By stopping to enjoy this moment, you are giving a gift to yourself.

* Product recommended by sauna elves.

Bentoniittisavi on pakattu kierrätettävään pahvipakettiin.