Our story

Kaurilan Sauna natural cosmetics, candles and other sauna products were born in 2009, when Saara Heikkinen opened a public Kaurilan Sauna in Helsinki to an over 100 year old building. 

Saara thought that gentle natural cosmetics and lovely linen towels would complete the traditional Finnish sauna experience.

She was looking for beautifully burning candles, suitable towels and fragrance-free soaps, but suitable products were not found in the stores. Saara started developing and implementing her ideas by testing products on her own sensitive skin and listening to the wishes of the sauna guests.

Our guests liked the products and wanted to buy them for themselves and as gifts for their friends. Now products are sold by several resellers across Europe.

All of Kaurilan Sauna natural cosmetics products are made of ethically high quality raw materials by hand in Helsinki. They are suitable for all ages, and there are many options for vegans and fragrance-sensitive ones. 

Pamper yourself and fall in love!

The Natural Cosmetics and Sauna Products of Kaurilan Sauna are born of pure love for Finnish sauna culture.