Certified Natural Cosmetics from Finland


Glerups slippers are a luxurious Danish shoe design whose important profitable value is respect for the environment. Glerups achieves this by using the most natural materials and processes possible in the manufacture of its felted footwear.

These slippers are stylish Danish production and are made of 100% natural Merino and Gotland wool. These slippers shape perfectly with your feet, creating a luxurious feel. The distance of the wool used in its manufacture is closely monitored throughout its manufacturing process. The wool is washed with soft water, carded, shaped into socks and felted with steam.

DIEGOS espadrilles are authentic, hand-crafted Spanish espadrilles. These shoes made by traditional methods are made only of organic materials.

Indosole FlipFlops combine the natural rubber material and vegan artificial material. Water and other natural resources are used as little as possible in the production. The company utilizes used car tires for the soles of its footwear.