Kaurilan sauna and sustainable development

Kaurilan sauna strives to follow the principles of sustainable development in all its activities:

Environmental sustainability

- The purpose Kaurilan sauna and saunaproducts is to provide a natural alternative and not to increase consumption.

- The design of products and packaging will take into account the naturality, efficiency and environmental friendliness in each stage.

- Products and packaging are constantly being developed in an ecologically more sustainable way.

- The quality of products and manufacturing is kept high in order to minimize the loss.

Social sustainability

- Kaurilan sauna treats equally and without discrimination its employees, customers and partners.

- Employees' well-being is always the top priority.

- Kaurilan sauna aims to promote healthy and ethical lifestyle

- Kaurilan sauna tries to be netpositive and to give back to society more than it gets

Financial sustainability

- Kaurilan sauna does not accept or favor the gray economy in any form

- Appropriate pay is paid to employees and they are offered employment benefits to promote well-being

- Kaurilan sauna tries to grow moderately and keep the indebtedness as low as possible