Tontun lahjapaketti 2 Lahjapaketit Kaurilan Sauna

The Elf's Gift Box 2

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The sauna elf is Santa's little helper and has made cute gift packages that are lovely for a friend or as a corporate gift.

The Elf's Gift Box 2 is a great gift for a spouse, co-worker, friend or for a Christmas due. This package is also well suited for masculine taste, so now you no longer have to worry about what you would really get for that beloved husband, not to mention the grandfather and father-in-law. The elf has made buying gifts much easier.

Contents, packed in a cardboard gift box:

- Kaurilan Sauna Peppermint Foot Bath

Handmade, vegan natural cosmetics. The pack contains four foot bath tablets, each of which provides a refreshing, fragrant foot bath.

- Kaurilan Sauna Clay Salt Soap

A beautiful, heart-shaped soap, is suitable for not only washing hands and body, but also for cleansing the face, washing beards and shaving. Clay salt soap is made from high quality vegetable oils, kaolin clay and sea salt. Handmade, vegan natural cosmetics. 120g.

- Kaurilan Sauna Sauna Scent Eucalyptus

Sauna Scent for relaxing sauna moments. Handmade in Helsinki. 50ml.

- Kaurilan Sauna Finnish Peat

Mineral-rich, Finnish Peat is suitable for full-body, face and hair mask. Peat increases metabolism, moisturizes, balances the pH of the skin and is also excellent for the treatment of scaly scalps. 180g.