Kaurlan Sauna's deo creams keep armpits fresh the whole day

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Kaurilan Saunan Deovoide on sertifioitua luonnonkosmetiikkaa.

Kaurilan Sauna's deo creams are gentle for armpit's sensitive skin and effectively keeps the odour away. No wonder they have huge group of satisfied users.

It's hard to find effective natural cosmetics deodorant. This is why many has fallen in love with Kaurilan Sauna's cream-like deodorants, which work even in hardest workouts or summer's heatwave.

Kaurilan Sauna is ecological deo cream's pioneer

Kaurilan Sauna is most likely the first Finnish company to make deo creams and is the one who created the Finnish word for deo creams.

Kaurilan Sauna's deo creams got their inspiration from sweaty moments:

  • In 2009, I opened Kaurilan's public sauna, where I host sauna moments for customers. Sweat was always present in my work, Saara remembers.

She started wondering what kind of poison do people put in their armpits. Especially antiperspirants, which block the skin pores, worried her.Skin pores are important part of body's thermal regulation and dirt removal.

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