Kaurilan Sauna's Sauna Philosophy

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Relaxation, being together, dormancy and self care. This is the Mantra of Kaurilan Sauna's sauna philosophy.


Sauna relaxes the mind and body. Nice feeling of dormancy fills the body from head to toes. Sauna is kind and merciful place where no one needs to perform, please, commit or hurry. We can just be themselves and surrender to Sauna's sweet warmth and gentle embrace. We're together and rekindle.

"These days sauna is one of the only places, where the digital world doesn't reach. Smart phones and devices follow us almost everywhere, but in sauna we can breath out and enjoy a moment without them." - Saara and Jaakko from Kaurilan Sauna

Traditional wood warmed sauna charmingly combines all nature's elements. Fire blazing in the heater and candles light up the room. In old sauna the washing is done in the sauna. The change of cool water and hot sauna air refreshes body and soul. Our Sauna elves have noticed that between throwing the water on stones it's best to take a break outside and feel the grass under bare foot or jump in cool lake water.


Saara and Jaakko recommend encouraging friends and family to go sauna as often as possible. "In sauna you can forget all tittles and appellations. People are their most honest self in sauna. Sitting in sauna's steams with our friends is the best type of quality time." - Jaakko.

He reminds that even from the old times sauna has been sacred. It's common to relax quietly in sauna's heat and have the conversations with calm voice.

Politics and religion is let out of the sauna. Swearing is also not part of sauna since Sauna Elf will get upset by it, reminds Saara and Jaakko.

Less noise, more luxury

Hectic work days with its interruptions and lavish distractions wears many down. To balance the commotion and din, it's important to increase calmness, kindness and silence in ones life. This is what Sauna provides to modern humans.

It's recommended to reserve a lot of time for sauna; rush doesn't fit with sauna. It's also important to pamper oneself well in every aspect; we think everyone deserves the best. During sauna session, it's good to put sauna honey on ones skin or cover yourself with peat or clay mask. Sauna experience gets even better with different sauna scents and essential oils.

Part of good Sauna experience are relaxing massages that one can do even for themselves. For example it's easy to massage the soreness off from calf in Sauna's warmth. Massaging is also good way to spoil the fellow sauna enjoyers. Other treatments are also part of sauna.

Kaurilan Sauna's treatment guide for sauna elves

Sauna is sensual experience that should be enjoyed with care. With all the stress it's good to take a breath and be present in that moment and place. Mind and body revive in sauna.

-You can massage your whole body with salt scrub or sauna honey.

-For face mask we recommend Finnish peat or sauna honey.

-Hair mask is easy to make from Finnish peat, sauna honey or Irish moss.

-Make washing your body easier by using soft brush with sea salt soap.

-You can make hair washing a meditative experience: gently massage or rub your scalp with bar shampoo. While rubbing the foam into your hair, give yourself soft scalp massage. Add bar conditioner to your hair and let it settle. While the conditioner is settling, sneak outside to cool down after sauna and enjoy the surrounding nature.



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