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Night and Dressing Gowns

Night and Dressing Gowns

Start your day by wrapping yourself in these weightless cotton gowns. You can wear the gown for whole day.Our cotton gowns are weightless and summery, and are comfortable even in winter.

Powell Craft's night and dressing gowns for romantic taste

These lovely, vintage-style feminine night and dressing gowns from English company, Powell Craft, are 100% cotton. In these romantic night and dressing gowns you can feel the atmosphere of classical mansion in your own home. These cotton products have been finalised with beautiful lacing and embroidering. You get a nice set by combining the dressing and night gowns together. Choose classical white or romantic flower patterned version. We have both light summer versions and longer winter versions in our collection.

Cotton night and dressing gowns can be washed in the washing machine in 30 C. Dry on a hanger. Light weighted products dry quickly and ready to be used.

Big part of the product has only one size, which makes them easy chose as a gift. We still recommend checking the measurements from the product info. Our collection has nightgowns for both adults and children. This is a good way to surprise even the young ones.

Powell Craft isn't only popular among Kaurilan Sauna's customers, but people all over the world.

Madam Stoltz's Kimonos in spicy colours

Danish Madam Stoltz's products are created respecting nature, local traditions and handcraft. The collection contains everything from clothes to decorations, furnitures to lamps. Their products are sold all around the world, but their headquarters is still located in small Bornholm's island in Denmark.

Kaurilan Sauna's collection you can find Madam Stoltz's extremely light cotton night and dressing gowns. You can wear these lovely kimonos the whole day! After a long workday, it's nice to change formal clothes to weightless kimono.