Certified Natural Cosmetics from Finland

Towels and Clothing

Lovely towels and bathrobes for home, cottage and travel.

The first product of Kaurilan Sauna was a towel. When general sauna operations began in 2009, Saara sewed linen towels for sauna guests for the first time. Now you too can enjoy Kaurilan Sauna's own Lovely Towels. They are sewn in Helsinki from 100% linen.

Our collection includes Kaurilan Sauna's domestic cotton and linen bathrobes designed by Saara herself, which are sewn by hand in Helsinki.

Our selection also includes Sauna Elf Hamam towels, which dry quickly and go into a small space. Lovely Sauna Elf bathrobes and dresses are comfortable to wear after the sauna.

Finnish wool socks and Glerups felted slippers complete the atmosphere.