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Kierti came into being in 2008 after I had been thinking about how to combine my knowhow in textile industry with something that was uniquely me and in tune with my values. I wanted to create my own products. Something beautiful that would not be useless and would bring joy into this world. Kierti was born out of these dreams.

Now the story of Kierti has continued for more than 10 years, and the products of the company are well-known in many homes. The values of the company include creating good for the environment and for people. The products are handmade in Finland, and they have been granted the The Key Flag Symbol that demonstrates the Finnish origin of the work. The eco-friendly nature of the products can be seen in both materials and their durability. Satisfied customers and stories about Kierti products in people’s lives delight us and encourage us to create more of that which brings joy to everyday life!